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Previous speakers

We're proud having these speakers on board:

  • Aaron Michael König
    10+ years experience with project management. Software development with JS, iOS, C#. Experience with enterprise customers.

  • Alexander Pope
    Regardless of what Google might think, Alexander Pope does not write poetry; he mostly writes JavaScript and pushes pixels around. Originally of Canadian extraction, Alexander now works and lives in the wilds of Norway (Oslo), keeping one eye on the sky as he works on the weather for NRK and @popeindustries

  • Alex Petrov
    Made in wild Ukrainian suburbs, SSD in guts, knows how to handle -25°C cold and +42°C hot weather. Zefops, gymops. Clojure / Ruby / C hacker. core team. Data analysis & visualization nerd.

  • Alexander Reelsen
    Alexander Reelsen is a developer, working for Elastic on Elasticsearch and its commercial extensions by day, hacking on whatever looks interesting at night (node, JVM, scalability, everything test driven). He is also organizing the Search Meetup Munich and devcampmuc, the first unconference for developers in Munich, that happened in 2015 for the first time. Ping him on twitter @spinscale.

  • Andreas Greimel Andreas Greimel studied computer science at the TU Munich and currently works as a Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting. He enjoys trying out the latest web technologies while working on the Robotic Operating System (ROS) for a german automotive supplier.

  • Arnout Kazemier

  • Benedikt Meurer

    Benedikt joined Google in 2013 to work on the V8 JavaScript VM that powers both Node.js and Chrome. He is currently the tech lead of the JavaScript Execution Optimization team, focusing on the new compiler architecture TurboFan and the performance of new language features. In the past he has been contributing to various different open source projects, including OCaml, Xfce and NetBSD, among others. In his spare time he’s a father of two, enjoys hiking and biking.

  • Bodo Kaiser
    Originating from a sys admin background node.js was the first real programming language/framework after bash. Bodo Kaiser is the author of various node packages, the most important, walve, a clean low-level WebSocket implementation. Beside of this he done some research about the internals of node.js and has various repository which show V8 and libuv bindings. Nowadays he improves oneself in data science with Go and Python as well as embedded programming (mikrocontroller).

  • Christoph Neuroth
    Software Journeyman. Clean code and TDD enthusiast. Doesn't care where you place your commas, but may hurt your feelings nonetheless

  • Stefan Kirsch

  • Christian Ranz
    I am a web developer since 2008 when I started coding in PHP at a startup in London. A fter that I became a freelancer which lead me to end up in the world of JS. Since about 2 years JS makes about 70% of my day.

  • Christoph Stock
    Started coding node for fun and profit back in late 2010. A year later cofounded the Munich Node.js User Group and enjoyed every meetup since then.

  • Dariusz Parys Dariusz is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft working on Web and Cloud related stuff. You can get in touch with Dariusz via Twitter @writeline or his blog

  • David Amend
    David Amend is an enterprise Web Developer in Java in the financial business. Since 5 years he is passionate about evaluating frontend architectures and combining existing JavaScript tools to create proven Frameworks.

  • David Dasenbrook
    David Dasenbrook has a PhD in physics and a passion for agile web development. He works for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich and currently modernizes the web frontend for a national telecommunications service provider.

  • David Maier
    David has a strong Database and Software Engineering background. Before he joint Couchbase, he had several technical Senior roles by working for instance for a relational DBMS vendor or a Graph Database startup. He is currently working as a Senior Solutions Engineer for Couchbase in Germany. Further details about David are available at @magicable, in his Blog or at LinkedIn.

  • Dimitri Dumonet
    Dimitri Dumonet is CTO at, a software startup that does data analysis for brands selling on ecommerce platforms like amazon. Before that he was a Fullstack Developer for more than 5 years at different startups, mainly using VueJS, React and NodeJS (express, feathers, meteor).

  • Dmitri Melikyan
    Dmitri Melikyan is a programmer with 10+ years experience involved in a few technology startups as a founder and engineer currently focusing on application performance, scalability and big data algorithms.

  • Felix Geisendörfer
    Felix Geisendörfer is a node.js core developer and has experienced its strength and shortcomings first-hand while building When not event-looping, he loves unicycling and watching squirrels.

  • Dominik Ferber
    Dominik Ferber is a computer science student at Hochschule München. As a big believer in isomorphic javascript he handles both worlds - the server and the browser.

  • Franziska Hinkelmann
    Franziska has a PhD in mathematics and works for TNG Technology Consulting GmbH. She contributes to several open source projects, regularly teaches Node.js courses at the International Summer University for Women in Informatics, and organizes the PHP User Group Munich.

  • Franz Sommer
    Franz has previously finished a degree in economics and remained a journeyman at will. Currently he is finishing a computer science degree course at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Ever since he has been interested in transactions and how technology empowers businesses.

  • Golo Roden
    Golo Roden is the founder and CTO of the native web GmbH (, a company focused on web and cloud technologies. He favors JavaScript and Node.js for developing web applications, and he has written the first book in German language on this topic, called „Node.js & Co.“. Additionally, he works as an author for various IT magazines, and as a speaker and content manager for several conferences. For his high-quality engagement in the community he was given the Microsoft MVP award four times.

  • Igor Ivanovic
    NodeJS Architect / Team Lead at CupoNation

  • Ingo Bürk
    Ingo works as a software consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH and has been a JavaScript enthusiast since childhood with a professional focus on Java and Angular-based frontend work. He also loves all things open source and authored and maintains a few different projects Github.

  • Jesus Dario
    Jesus Dario (github, twitter) is a 22-year old developer that has been programming since high-school. CTO of Netbeast and TopTal full stack javascript engineer creates open source software and enterprise services to allow a real IoT. Understanding and merging the mess of services and products we have available today. Over all he is a maker.

  • Johannes Becker
    Johannes Becker is a Remote Freelancer who found true love in Domain-driven Design, NodeJS and DevOps. Passionate about Free Software and the Free Internet.

  • Johannes Ewald, Michael Jaser and Paul Torka
    Johannes, Michael and Paul founded peerigon with their friend Stephan Batteiger in 2012. They're passionate about hacking node for 2 years and created alamid to build apps that run both on the client and on the server. If there is an important decision to make they're having beertings.

  • Julian Gruber
    Julian Gruber: I'm a full stack software engineer from southern Germany, involved in many open source projects, as well as shipping node for Check out my GitHub.

  • Karl Pitrich
    Karl, a C++ veteran, started using JavaScript in 1997 while creating plugins and XHR apps for NS4. Wishing for fast server-side JS since 1998, he's really happy it has finally arrived with Node.js. He's using Node.js ubiquitously, even on his RaspberryPi. @0xPIT

  • Lars Gregori
    Lars Gregori twitter works as Technology Strategist at hybris in Munich as member of the hybris labs team. He is interested in all kinds of new technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT), Android, BLE and NFC, BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi, MQTT and more. Before the computer science degree, he completed an apprenticeship as communication electronics (wireless technology).

  • Lukas Taegert-Atkinson
    After finishing his PhD studying the mathematical properties of black holes, Lukas decided to go for less substance from then on and follow his passion of becoming a software developer. He is now a JavaScript enthusiast at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, and is the leading maintainer of Rollup.js - a next-generation JavaScript module bundler that is used widely by the industry.

  • Markus Spanier
    Markus Spanier started to work as a Software Consultant for TNG Technology Consulting GmbH right after studying mathematics and computer science in Passau. Most of the time, he works in Java / Spring framework and Angular 2 environments but is also very interested in other programming languages, new technologies, and hardware hacking. As a fast and lightweight way to write code, he started to use node.js / TypeScript to automate reoccurring tasks.

  • Martin Höfling
    Martin is a Principal Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting and focuses on cloud native technology and architecture of distributed systems. He is currently leading a team that builds interweaved web applications based on cloud-native technology for a larger organization.

  • Mathias Buus Madsen
    Mathias is a Node.js hacker based in Copenhagen who enjoys tinkering with p2p systems. He is currently working on the Dat project where we are trying to change the way people share and contribute to large datasets.

  • Mathias Burger
    Mathias Burger is Senior Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH with focus on AI. Currently he is building AI models for the aerospace industry. He started web programming in his youth and is excited about the current advances in web technology.

  • Mathias Peter
    8+ years experience with software development. JS, Node, and AWS as focus. Experience with enterprise customers. Github

  • Max Gerer
    Max Gerer is CTO and cofounder of e-bot7 GmbH, a Munich based startup providing artificial intelligence for customer service applications. Node.js plays a central role in their stack as a thin communication layer coordinating various microservices at scale.

  • Maximilian Schweitzer

  • Michael Häuslmann
    Michael Häuslmann has been a freelance developer working on PHP, JavaScript and Java projects before joining TNG to work on enterprise scale software. He is the maintainer of the dePHPend architecture testing tool and an active speaker at several international conferences.

  • Patrick Bürgin
    Patrick Bürgin is a master's student in computer science at TUM and worked as an engineer for major companies. Coming from a JEE background, he joined the Node.js community in late 2013 and has been an advocate ever since, developing Express.js applications in industry, university and hackathons.

  • Patrick Harböck
    Patrick is a Senior Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting. As a Site Reliability Engineer he is currently building and operating distributed web systems with Kubernetes on AWS for a startup company. He uses and contributes to open-source software where possible and likes to work with Python, TypeScript, Go and modern web technologies.

  • Patrick Mulder
    Patrick Mulder is a freelance software consultant focusing on JavaScript, web interfaces and measurement systems. He worked as a software engineer on measurement equipment, electronic devices and web projects for many companies. Patrick blogs at, and has a passion for data-driven interfaces and data in general. Last year, Patrick has written the book Full Stack Web Development with Backbone.js which is published at O'Reilly.

  • Philipp Fehre
    Philipp Fehre has been building stuff with node since 2011. Being fascinated by it's approach to solve concurrency issues he, has been building backend infrastructure with it ever since. When not coding for @cospired he is probably learning about new languages, data structures, databases, hacking ruby/elixir/Objective-C or cooking up abstracts for talks.

  • Philipp Renoth
    Full-time/stack dev, code review serious-taker, maximum-readability ensurer, refactor-addicted tech-debt hater, loves my colleages, Node.js and React, uses Java and Angular, working at consol.

  • Radu Creosteanu Radu Creosteanu is CTO at fleetster and co-organizer for JavaScript Coding Nights meetup.

  • Rainer Jung Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Java Developer, Agile-/Scrum-Enthusiast, Musician, Singer, Snowboarder, Biker, Rock-Climber, Driver.
    Rainer Jung, @rjung

  • Robert Kuzelj
    Robert Kuzelj is a payment expert, entrepreneur and geek. He has been into software development for the last 20 years as coach, consultant and developer. From 2004 - 2010 he was CEO of PAY.ON a Munich based provider of payment gateways. At the moment Robert prepares 2 new ventures.

  • Robert Prediger
    Robert has more than 25 years experience in managing software projects, thereof 20 years experience in Progress development (GUI, AppServer) and more than 15 years experience in developing web- and mobile-applications and portals. Since 2011 he specialized in Node.js. He is the author of the German book Node.js: Professionell hochperformante Software entwickeln

  • Romuald Brillout
    Romuald is a Software Engineer that enjoys designing and developing Software and Products. Romuald has worked for several startups in their early days such as Thermondo, CrossEngenge, and e-bot7. In his free time he tinkers on open source projects.

  • Simon Jost
    Simon is a front-end developer at HolidayCheck, where he is responsible for the front-end architecture and the home-grown framework Tready.js. Other than working on HolidayCheck's front-end he enjoys riding his roadbike up the hills of Switzerland.

  • Stefan Thies
    Stefan Thies worked for Development, Product Management and Sales departments in VERINT's Communications and Cyber Intelligence division. Since 2013 he provides as Freelancer consulting and project management for data analytics and cyber security projects. Stefan is passionate about new software technologies and scalable system architectures and likes coding for proof of concepts. His language of choice is NodeJS since 2012.

  • Dr. Venkat Subramaniam
    Founder of agile developer and agile learner. Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston. He has trained and mentored thousands of software developers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is a regularly-invited speaker at several international conferences. Venkat helps his clients effectively to apply and succeed with sustainable agile practices on their software projects. Venkat is a (co)author of multiple technical books, including the 2007 Jolt Productivity award winning book “Practices of an Agile Developer”. You can find a list of his books at You can reach him by email at or on twitter.

  • Wolfram Kriesing
    Back in 1999 when I had my first pure JavaScript gig, it was still NS4 and IE4 that ruled this world, I didn't realize that this was such a cool language. In 2008 I co-founded (one of) the first JavaScript-only companies: uxebu. Now that every mobile phone has JavaScript and we in uxebu continue to push the limits there. Last year we launched, a Flash to HTML5 conversion with the main focus on the iPad, pushing the limits again. Pixelplant is pure JavaScript (client and server side), of course.

  • Zlatko Đurić
    Zlatko Duric is a Node.js developer and a go-to guy for JavaScript questions at There he's working on REST APIs and "online" and "offline" event processing pipelines using Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ and a few other technologies, and occassionally as nagging the frontend (Polymer) people about "best practices", "reusability" and "separation of concerns" and trying to bribe the devops people into "give me a button to restart the whole pipeline of everything in the universe on a click". Previously Zlatko worked as a consultant, freelancer and an employee on a whole lot of different projects: high-thoughput Node.js/Redis services, a few rewrites (and order-of-magintude speedups) of PHP-based "APIs" to Node.js, building frontend, ie. dashboards in several different frameworks. He's made an amazing number of the usual and unusual mistakes it made him think he can have an interesting JavaScript talk at a Node.js meetup.

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