Meetup: September 25, 2019

On 25th of September we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group. Please sign up on Meetup to give us a hint how many nodehackers are coming!


On 25th of September we have the following schedule:

  • 18:30: Doors open

    Please note we have a new location in the Arabellastrasse 4a, next to the BayWa-Tower

  • 18:45: Beer and Pizza
    sponsored by TNG

  • 19:30: No Docker Required: Building Node.js Container Images
    by Martin Höfling and Patrick Harböck

    While Docker is still most popular for packaging and running Node.js apps in containers, it has security and scalability shortcomings for production systems and build pipelines. Recently alternatives have emerged to build container images without Docker. Each of these address common problems: building without elevated privileges, reproducible results, caching of intermediate layers and scaling CI/CD in larger organizations.

    We first introduce the basic structure of a container image and compare the build process for tools supporting Node.js. After demonstrating their usage, we give guidance for selecting the right tool – which might not always be Docker.

  • 20:30: Amplify Your Web App - Cloud Backends with AWS Amplify
    by Andreas Greimel

    AWS Amplify is a framework to integrate various AWS services into your web application.

    In this talk I will demonstrate how to bootstrap a complete web app backend very quickly, including user authentication and registration, a RESTful API, hosting (optionally using a CDN) and powerful analytics tools. Video

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