Meetup: October 25, 2018

On 25th of October we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group.


On 13th of June we have the following schedule:

  • 18:30: Doors open

    Please note we have a new location in the Arabellastrasse 4a, next to the BayWa-Tower

  • 18:45: Beer and Pizza
    sponsored by TNG

  • 19:35: Quick overview: Node 10 vs Node 11
    by Andreas Greimel

  • 19:40: Introduction to Loopback
    by Andreas Greimel

    LoopBack is an open source framework to quickly create REST-APIs in Node.js. The framework promises:

    • the creation of dynamic REST-APIs with minimal programming effor
    • easy connection to common databases
    • a server-side data model, built-in rights management
    • SDKs for different client frameworks (Android, iOS, Angular, React, …)

    In this talk we will create a REST-API from scratch, including data model and rights management, and walk through the individual features of LoopBack. Video

  • 20:50: Quantum Nonlocality for Node.JS Hackers
    by David Dasenbrook

    Are you a JavaScript developer who has always wondered how the strange world of quantum mechanics works? This is your lucky day! By means of a game implemented using network sockets in Node.JS and TypeScript, this talk will demonstrate the essence of quantum nonlocality, entanglement and "spooky actions at a distance". No prior physics knowledge is required. Video

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