Meetup: June 25, 2015

On June 25, 2015 we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group.


On June 25, 2015 we have the following schedule:

  • 19:00: Beer & Pizza
    sponsored by TNG Technology Consulting

  • 20:00: Pipes, streams and distributed systems
    by Mathias Buus Madsen

    How many different ways can you connect two computer programs with each other? Using a tcp socket? Or maybe even an websocket? This talk is gonna be about investigating all the different ways we can connect computers with each other, including some of the more mad science ones, and how we create distributed systems that supports ALL of them. Expect plenty of demos. Video and slides

  • 21:15: Event processing with Node.js and RabbitMQ
    by Zlatko Đurić

    A connected car project gets very close to describe the "IoT" buzzword. The problems we solve in this area are different from a typical "web scale" problem in at least one way - a lot more writes then reads. Devices almost never read, but they write automatically, tirelessly and constantly - unlike humans, who - most of the times - just want stuff filtered and sorted. One of the strategies to deal with this situation is event-based approach - and that's what Node.js does very well. But, we programers make our usual blunders and bugs, and we want to hold on to those events until they are really processed. We need somebody to hold on to and distribute all the messages from the car. This is where RabbitMQ comes into play. This talk will introduce some of the patterns used for event processing with Node.js, MongoDB, Redis and RabbitMQ, some of the problems, and a few ways to deal with those problems. Video

  • 22:30: Close down of MNUG meetup
    by all node hackers

  • Next day at the TNG techday: P2P live streaming
    by Mathias Buus Madsen

    Lets talk about p2p live streaming. Streaming BitTorrent is really great but it doesn't really work for live video/auto/data feeds. Imagine if we could create a open system that allowed you to create a distributed live tv channel that would scale better and better the more people watched it, have security built in as a first class feature, and have a technology stack simple enough to work in the browser. This is something I'm currently working on and I'd love to share some of the progress and mad science with you. Video and slides


Talks starting at 8:00pm. Admission with beer & pizza from 7pm.

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