Meetup: 21st February 2013

On 21st February 2013 we would like to invite you to our next community meetup of the Munich Node.JS User Group.


On 21st February 2013 we have the following schedule:

  • 19:00: Beer & Pizza
    sponsored by TNG Technology Consulting
  • 20:00: Clojurescript
    by Alex Petrov

    Functional languages are emerging right now. Who knows where it brings us in a year, 2, 5 years. It's worth learning a functional language or two just for sakes of learning new concepts, unlearn imperative programming style and know how to manipulate your data in a way that doesn't introduce side-effects that may potentially ruin application flow. It's particularly important in JavaScript environment, where many things are callback-based, and execution flow is hard to track. Treating data that flows through application using functional approach eases debugging and lowers maintenance overhead, and your developers can relax and enjoy their Franziskaner.

  • 21:30: TBD
    by tbd


  • 22:30: Nodecopter
    by Christoph Stock and Stefan Kirsch

    Our MNUG speaker Felix Geisendörfer started a new worldwide movement. Now you can program the Parrot Drone with javascript and node.js. Christoph and Stefan participated at the first nodecopter this year in Berlin. They will introduce their project DroneFromHome and let the drone fly. (The talk will be in German)

  • 23:00: Close down of MNUG meetup
    by all node hackers


Talks starting at 8:00pm. Admission with beer & pizza from 7pm.


TNG Technology Consulting GmbH 
Betastraße 13a 
85774 Unterföhring 

We wish you a nice journey:
by S-Bahn: Unterföhring (S8)
by Bus: Linie 233, Haltestelle Betastraße
by Car: There are parking areas on the left side

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